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Wedding ceremony is one of the most profound experience in life. No wonder people want to celebrate this meaningful day when they take an oath for their future married life, according to their nature and aesthetics.

Humanist wedding ceremony creates personal and unique narrative of your Love Celebration, putting you, your story and your needs in the first place.

Therefore, there are no formal restrictions regarding the spot of your ceremony, it’s scenario is based on Couple’s expectations and you have a chance to express and declare your love exactly how you feel it – with your own words. And if, on top of that, we add symbolic rituals, personal gestures, meaningful readings, original ideas limited only by our imagination, opportunity to invite your relatives and friends to actively participate in your ceremony, we have a recipe for a moving and unforgettable celebration, that will surely be appreciated by you and your guests!

It’s also worth mentioning that preparation for  the ceremony is an extra value for the Couple. Thanks to it you have time to take a look at your journey together, recalling or realizing its value and meaning that can be expressed during your wedding ceremony.

Humanist wedding ceremony is a wonderful option for all couples, also those mixed (in terms of religion, culture, sex) and same-sex who unfortunately cannot organize civil ceremony in Poland. It’s also a unique way to renew your marriage vows during any chosen anniversary.


This is what I offer:

  • preparing the script and conducting the ceremony based on the interview with a Couple
  • inspiration or help with writing individual declarations of love and wedding vows
  • variety or unity rituals 
  • wireless sound system during your ceremony 
  • additional service of conducting bilingual ceremony (in Polish and English) 
  • Humanist Wedding Certificate
  • final touch in arranging the spot of the ceremony and support in finding other professionals for your wedding day (photographers, musicians etc.)
  • additional option of conducting the ceremony with a civil officiant